Course Outline

MRI Phase 2: Advanced MRI Service


The MRI Advanced course is a skills development course designed to build on fundamentals acquired during the MRI Principles service training course.

The course teaches service engineers the advanced concepts of MRI system operations, system software (workstation) management, calibrations, performance monitoring, diagnostic troubleshooting and preventive maintenance (PM).

The engineer will learn the concepts of advanced imaging techniques. These techniques include both image creation and image analysis. MRI image artifact recognition, image analysis, and corrective action will be emphasized. A strong emphasis will be placed on hands-on labs to support the presentation of advanced principles.


To attend this course, the service professional must have completed MRI Phase 1 (MRI Principles) or have equivalent experience.


At the conclusion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the advanced theory of MR imaging technology
  • Understand advanced imaging techniques
  • Manage the MRI workstation and system software
  • Perform system calibrations
  • Use MRI system documentation and diagnostic tools
  • Diagnose and correct image artifacts
  • Diagnose and correct system failures
  • Perform all Planned Maintenance (PM) activities

Tuition: $8495

Course Length: 1 Week

CEU's Awarded: 4 CEU’s


  • May 2-6, 2022
  • Jul 18-22, 2022
  • Sep 19-23, 2022
  • Dec 5-9, 2022
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Course Outline

Day 1
  • Advanced MRI principles:
    • Advanced RF Receive Chain
    • Advanced Spatial Encoding
    • Advanced Raw Data Collection
    • 3T RF Transmit Chain
Day 2
  • Advanced Scanning Techniques
    • Advanced Scan Sequences
    • Image Evaluation
    • Image Artifacts
    • Field Maps
    • ACR Testing
  • Workstation Management
    • Operating Software Loading
    • Application Software Loading
    • Cloning / Ghosting
    • Backup / Restore
Day 3
  • Advanced System Calibration
    • Magnet Procedures
    • RF Chain Procedures
    • Gradient Chain Procedure
    • Cooling System Procedures
  • Troubleshooting Diagnostics
    • Daily QA
    • RF Receive Only Coils
    • System Logging Operations
    • Error Codes
    • Manual Image Analysis
    • Service Documentation
Day 4
  • System Level Troubleshooting
    • Remote Troubleshooting
    • Facility Checks
    • System Logs
    • Status Lights
    • Corrective Actions
Day 5
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM)
    • PM Document Review
    • PM Schedule
    • PM Recording Keeping
    • PM Tasks Review
  • Course Review
  • Final Exam
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