What should I bring with me?

The following is a list of supplies that incoming students are recommended to bring with them to help enhance their learning experience. Please call for your specific class if there are questions on whether or not you will need to bring the following:

  • Calculator
  • Notepad
  • Post-It note stickers (to mark sections of the manuals)
  • Laptop computer (with network interface card for classes using network access)
  • Highlighter marker set (for use with schematics and course manual review)
  • Magnifier (if necessary for reviewing smaller manufacturer schematics)
  • If students are driving to the training center and they would like to bring their own tools and test equipment to use in the labs during calibration, this is not a problem. This eliminates the need to become familiar with a piece of RSTI test equipment and work in the field with different equipment.
    RSTI tools and test equipment will be available to all students.