MRI Training Agreement Between Alltech Medical Systems and RSTI

Solon, OH – Alltech Medical Systems America and RSTI have reached a training agreement wherein RSTI will begin offering MRI service training programs at Alltech Medical Systems America's headquarters in Solon, Ohio.

The goal is to offer customers a more complete spectrum of service solutions by adding MRI training courses.  Both parties cited a desire to expand their offerings and leverage their core competencies.  RSTI has been offering the finest diagnostic imaging training for over 32 years and brings a proven teaching method to this opportunity. Alltech has been engineering and manufacturing superconducting 1.5T MRI systems for 12-years with solid experience in R&D, application and service. Alltech will provide its technical expertise on the MRI systems to assist with the development of the MRI training programs from RSTI.

"As the number of MRI installations grow worldwide, it is important that quality service training is provided to the customers, so that they have improved possibilities of ensuring optimum performance of their MRI systems and lower the costs over the lifetime of the MRI scanners", said Alltech Medical System America, Inc.’s President James Meng, PhD. “Our commitment to MRI innovation has generated lots of market demand for our MRI products globally, which in turn requires efficient and productive service activities, such as troubleshooting, either on-site or remote, spare parts management, 24/7 online technical support, and preventative maintenance.”

The collaborative agreement also provides technical training on generic platforms of MRI systems commonly used at customers’ sites. Because many of the installed MRI systems are aged, the customers can gain the necessary knowledge required to improve uptime by taking care of those old MRI systems themselves. Meng states, "high quality course offerings and RSTI's reputation in the service training market complement our vision for quality product and customer satisfaction on service."

 “RSTI has often worked with other companies to bring high quality, high technology training courses to our students. One of our main goals for this, other than the obvious opportunity to use equipment we don’t have in our facility, is to work with companies like Alltech Medical Systems America, Inc. that can help the student beyond the classroom with fully functional MRI systems, parts and on-going support. We are pleased to work with Alltech and we are certain our students will benefit from their knowledge, position and reputation in the MRI space. Programs like this will make it possible for our students to be very successful in servicing MRI and to reduce their overall operating costs,” said Dale Cover, RSTI President.

Course Overview

Principles of Servicing MRI (MRI Phase I)

The MRI Principles course is a skills development course designed to provide an introduction to MRI service for engineers with no MRI experience. The course will equip engineers with the theory, physics, and safety principles required for servicing MRI systems. This course will also teach engineers MRI system operation, identification of major system components, PM basics, and basic troubleshooting of MRI systems.

Advanced MRI Service (MRI Phase II)

The MRI Advanced course is a skills development course designed to build on fundamentals acquired during the MRI Principles service training course. The course will teach service engineers the concepts of MRI system calibration, performance monitoring and verification, and diagnostics. This course will also teach engineers MRI image artifact recognition, analysis, and corrective action. We will cover system software management methods, including cloning, ghosting, backup, and restore.

Upcoming Course Dates for 2017/2018:

Principles of Servicing MRI (MRI Phase I)

Dec 11th - 15th

Jan 29th – Feb 2nd

Apr 30th – May 4th

Aug 13th – 17th

Advanced MRI Service (MRI Phase II)

            Dec 18th – 22nd

            Feb 5th – 9th

            May 7th – 11th

            Aug 20th – 24th