Dave's Rave: OEC C-Arms / One Week or Two?


I often get asked whether a student should take the one-week OEC 9900 only course or the two-week OEC 9800/9900 course.

 The answer really depends upon the student. If you have a lot experience with the 9800 or have attended our 9600/9800 class in the past, the one-week 9900 class should suffice. If you are new to OEC C-arms, I would generally recommend the two-week 9800/9900 class.

Keep in mind that the C-arm portion of both machines is nearly identical; the big differences are in the workstations. Of course we cover all of the image system alignments and the generator, power supply and dose calibrations, as well as making sure that you understand why you are doing these adjustments in both classes (not to mention tube replacement, II/camera and C-arm removal, diagnostics, software loading and troubleshooting).

However, the one-week class is quite concentrated because we are including as much useful info as possible in a mere 4.5 days. The two week class allows us to proceed at a slightly more relaxed pace, as well as delve more deeply into the theory behind the operation of the many subsystems within the C-arm and the workstations.

This is ultimately very helpful with troubleshooting for those new to the OEC product line. Hopefully this will help you decide which class is best suited to your needs and experience level. I look forward to seeing you at RSTI!

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– Dave Domanski