CT in the Palm of Your Hand - from the Lens of Dale Cover


One of the most challenging,  and rewarding,  maintenance functions in medical imaging is the management of your computed tomography assets.

Maintaining a service contract is, without a doubt, a costly endeavor. Ditching the contract has political and financial risk. Many department heads get a sense of security from the familiar relationship established during the warranty and initial contract period, and to be certain, changing from OEM service to in-house or independent service can be stressful to the local department users and managers.

As you prepare to move one of the most high-tech, expensive and productive pieces of equipment away from the perceived comfort of an OEM maintenance agreement, how are you going to put the equipment owner at ease? To be successful, simply share your confidence that you have the tools and support systems in place to be prepared for the inevitable concerns the equipment owner will have.

RSTI has all the tools you need to put the power of CT maintenance in the palm of your hand.

TRAINING: Have the technicians been properly and thoroughly trained on our equipment?” This is one major concern for any equipment owner faced with changing service providers. RSTI has training offerings that cover the entire spectrum in CT -- from basic CT programs to indepth hands-on courses on specific systems such as GE, Philips and Toshiba. All of our training offerings are as good as or better than OEM training. That’s not our opinion; our students tell us that.

SUPPORT: When you train with RSTI or buy your parts from RSTI Exchange you will also have access to expert technical support that can help you diagnose any problem. That means when you get stuck, you have the best chance of determining exactly which parts are needed. Once the most-likely faulty components have been identified, we can help you find those parts at highly competitive prices. Perhaps as important as the price point is the real peace of mind that comes from knowing when you buy your parts from RSTI Exchange, you know your parts have been fully tested to meet OEM specifications. Our quality assurance processes and procedures ensure that each part functions as required before we ship it. If for any reason you have difficulties installing the new parts you ordered, you can call us for help. We at RSTI want to help for two reasons: 1) it makes you shine in the eyes of your customer; and 2) it helps reduce additional down time due to false DOAs.

PARTS: From gently used CT tubes and X-Ray generator parts to basic power supplies, we have most CT manufacturers covered. You know all of RSTI Exchange’s parts have been tested prior to shipping to ensure they meet OEM specifications. But did you know our thorough testing and quality assurance procedures applied in our dedicated test bays not only keep DOA’s exceptionally low, they put us in a very good position to achieve ISO Certification in very little time? It is one thing to say you test your parts, it’s quite another to be able to prove it. Of course, if you need new parts we can help you find those too…and if we get a discount we will pass the savings along.

SPECIALIZED TOOLS:  Having taught thousands of training classes over the years, we have assembled kits that contain many of the tools and fixtures needed to verify and maintain system performance, diagnose failures and perform routine maintenance. An example, a kit for the Philips Brilliance CT family -- one of our featured product lines -- includes jumper/communications kits, PM tools and PM supplies. // PM SUPPLIES // Consumables like greases and lubricants can cost a fortune, especially when you have to buy them in huge quantities. We have consumables at affordable prices in quantities small enough to use up in less than  100 years.

RSTI’S ONLINE STORE: Found at rsti-training.com, our online RSTI Store has a growing collection of resources for various medical imaging systems. For example, the previously mentioned test and PM kits for Philips Brilliance CT. When applicable, these PM kits will include an initial supply of the consumables called for in the OEM instructions. Should you run out, all you have to do is go back to the online RSTI Store and reorder what you need.

TEST EQUIPMENT AND PHANTOMS:  Aside from having the best, hands-on CT labs available, we also pride ourselves on having test equipment that is current and represents the best of all of the manufacturers. We have spent years building relationships with the test equipment companies just to make sure you can continue to work with the same equipment you already have in your inventory.

When time and precision are of the essence, that’s when it pays off to have learned equipment service using the same tools you will use on the job…who would train anywhere other than the institute that puts those tools in the palm of your hand?

With the power of RSTI behind you, your customers will be confident in your abilities to meet their service needs, and you should be, too!

– Dale Cover