New Steps to Engaging Your Success - from the Lens of Dale Cover


These are very exciting times at RSTI! While I have always enjoyed my time here and never shied away from sharing my enthusiasm about the things that have improved at RSTI, or talking it up when we develop new ways to help you with performing the critical and cost saving tasks you face every day, there are so many things happening right now at RSTI that I find it hard to decide where to begin. Well... here goes. 

Late last year RSTI and Shimadzu Medical USA inked a deal where we will be providing the factory training for Shimadzu for all of their current product line. 

We are currently in the process of installing the systems and developing classes. Soon the entire last row of training bays will be filled with Shimadzu systems to support our agreement with them and to house the courses RSTI has developed for our open Shimadzu training. 

For many years RSTI has been growing and more recently, we have seen rapid growth in our Exchange division. During this growth we have made various parts of the operation fit where ever we could into whatever space we had. 

The last time RSTI did a major rework of the facility was nearly 30 years ago, around 1989. 

At that time we added what is now the training lab area and converted the old lab space into classrooms and a cafeteria. This time with the goal of meeting or surpassing our usual high quality standards we decided to dramatically change the facility to fit our new operations and future growth. 

With an eye on expanding our opportunities to provide you with the best tools for success we tore out the old unused office space in the back, relocated the car collection and cleared out some other obstacles so we could build a first rate repair center. 

This repair center will focus on computer repairs, component level repairs on circuit boards and sub-systems and digital detector repair and testing. Adjacent to the repair center we constructed testing stations for up to seven CT systems dedicated to quality control testing and verification of repair functions. 

In our repair center we have installed a Huntron Tracker for automated testing of circuit boards.

In addition to the CT bays we have installed eight stations for digital mammography, stations for testing mobile X-Ray systems and stations for up to six digital X-Ray systems. These systems are dedicated to repair and testing – separate from the 45+ systems for training. 

This high tech tool will help with repairs on boards that are not documented well enough for an average bench tech to easily troubleshoot. After the automated test, measurement data are compared to standardized measurements to locate likely failed components. The board will then be loaded into an automated pick and place rework solder system to have the suspect components replaced. 

Following a parts sale, all returned exchange circuit boards and sub-systems are installed in one of the quality control systems for complete certification testing. This is also the case with any parts repaired by RSTI Exchange. Nothing makes it into inventory without being subjected to our rigorous testing to ensuring that they perform to manufacturers specifications. 

Rethinking and remodeling the back half of RSTI accomplishes three big goals. 

FIRST, it gives the RSTI Exchange operation an advanced repair facility that is in keeping with their mission and goals to provide the highest quality and most thoroughly tested pre-owned parts available in the industry. 

SECOND, moving the Exchange test systems to the new repair facility gave us the room we needed to install the systems we need to fulfill our agreement with Shimadzu. 

THIRD, what it does for you, is improve your training environment while you are at RSTI and also gives you more opportunities to succeed with cost effective and high quality replacement parts. 

Speaking of your training environment, we will soon begin building two more classrooms and as we move through 2017 we will begin the process of remodeling our existing classrooms. 

As I said, these are exciting times. I look forward to showing you around the new facilities and discussing how we can help you take new steps to succeed in the medical imaging world.

– Dale Cover