ECPI Update - Higher Education Opportunities


Anyone even remotely familiar with RSTI knows that we have always strived to bring positive recognition to the diagnostic imaging service profession. From support for certification through testing, to our obvious promotion of advanced education, we have never backed away from this thought.

Through the years, RSTI has spent countless hours improving our own training programs or working with other institutions of higher learning to provide Certificates of Completion, Diplomas and Advanced Degrees that are meaningful and acknowledge the efforts of students in the imaging service field.

For the past several years, RSTI has been conducting medical imaging service classes at ECPI, in Charlotte, NC. We have been working with ECPI to develop an Associates program for our industry.

The Medical Imaging Technology Program is now fully approved and ECPI is now actively recruiting qualified students. Soon we will be finalizing the administration process so RSTI’s students can take advantage of this opportunity.

RSTI believes that a degree that focuses specifically on medical imaging service is what the dedicated imaging service professionals need to earn the credibility they so richly deserve.

This is a major step forward in the evolution of the medical imaging service profession. Even as we deliver this good news, we remain hopeful that a Bachelors Program will also become available soon.