ROI - How Education is the Key to Controlling and Reducing Hard Costs


As you probably know, RSTI has been in the diagnostic imaging training business for 25 years. Over those years our instructors have saved facilities literally millions of dollars by teaching hospital staff and various other imaging service providers much of what the OEM does not want you to know, even if you “pay” to go their own OEM educational center. The cost of this education usually becomes a freebie at some point in the new equipment negotiation process; however, like most things in life, you get what you pay for…

Have you noticed that you can barely get into your new equipment diagnostics these days because of passwords, key codes, dongles and countless other methods designed to keep you out of “their” equipment, even though you own it? Each OEM approaches it a little different, but the end result is the same.  You are now taught to replace a module, not diagnose and fix the problem. They would not just replace a low voltage power supply, they would replace the whole assembly for more money in the same amount of time. They would not replace just the hard drive or video board on a computer, they would replace the whole computer, and so on…

A few years ago one of our facilities called RSTI for a second opinion on the replacement of an $80,000 image intensifier. After some detailed troubleshooting by two of our instructors using our Image Chain Evaluation from Phase 3, we found the real problem with their images as follows:

  1. The X-Ray tube anode was warped and obviously bad.

  2. The camera tube was bad.

Needless to say, the facility was thrilled to learn that the image intensifier was not the problem. The OEM is this case would have replaced the image intensifier first. When that did not solve the image problem, they would have eventually replaced both additional pieces of glassware as well. In the end they saved at least $80,000, and were back up and running.

Saving money anywhere in our current healthcare system seems to be a major priority for all, at least on the surface. It appears that the unemployment rate is not going to improve anytime soon, and that “Obama Care” confuses the issues even more. All of this portends continued tough times for the medical industry at large, especially for high-end diagnostic imaging equipment and the related repair and maintenance.

At RSTI we believe that education is the key to controlling and/or reducing hard costs. Service Professionals that are able to do more themselves will automatically provide savings and increase your value to your facility. Whether you are a biotech looking to broaden your horizons or a seasoned x-ray veteran, RSTI has something for you. Here are a few options for you to consider:

  1. With electronics in your background from a vocational school, military or other qualified means, you can get up and running in this industry quickly. RSTI students’ success rate has been exceptional. OEM’s, Third Party groups and ISO’s seek out our graduates to fill their needs all the time.
  2. With a biomedical degree or equivalent experience, you can move into imaging for advancement or be crossed trained for efficiency.
  3. Finally, RSTI is pursuing an Articulation Agreement with a regionally accredited college to establish a 4-year Bachelor of Science Degree in Diagnostic Imaging.  Initially it will be accredited by the state of North Carolina, and soon afterwards, the state of Virginia. This degree will finally give imaging specialists the credentials they deserve.

Finally, imaging training can be done many different ways. Lately, there are people telling you that can learn a system in two days or 4 days, which appear to save you time and money on the surface. RSTI takes no shortcuts. Our curriculum, instructor staff, and imaging equipment have stood the test of 25 years. We will never be the cheapest or the shortest. We remain content to be the best overall value for your time and money.