Expanded Imaging Equipment Sales


RSTI’s training center has a reputation for providing stellar diagnostic imaging training for over 27 years. For the past 22 years we have also been buying and selling diagnostic imaging equipment. Just over 12 years ago we refined and refocused our sales department and added international sales to our offerings.

Through our association with the training center we have developed the skills and knowledge needed to help you select the medical imaging system that best fits your needs. Our many years of sales experience have given us the skills to quickly and efficiently complete your equipment transaction with RSTI.

Why should you buy from RSTI?

  • As an electronics and service educational facility we have the capacity to fully test, repair and evaluate the imaging systems we sell prior to shipping them out.
  • We have experience with most imaging modalities; this is a sampling of what we offer:
    • Portable X-Ray
    • Mobile C-arms
    • Mammography
      • Analog
      • Digital
      • Biopsy
  • Bone Densitometry
  • Radiographic/Fluoroscopic
  • Cardiac/Vascular
  • Ultrasound
  • Computed Tomography
  • We install and test every machine.
  • We inspect, take test images, inventory the accessories that came with the machine, and photograph the entire assembly.
  • We send you photos of the equipment you are interested in.
  • We can send you sample images, digital or hard copy, to check the image quality of the system you are thinking of purchasing.
  • You can inspect your potential purchase in person or we can arrange a “virtual inspection”, via Skype.
  • RSTI sells to clients in 43 countries on 6 continents, so we have experience with the crating and shipping requirements for international deliveries.
  • We utilize freight companies with years of experience handling radiological systems, so you get your product in top condition.

Our sales staff is ready and excited to hear from you about any of your equipment needs.  You may contact any one of the following helpful and friendly sales people:

Darrel Kile
Equipment Sales Specialist

Jim Monro
Vice Chairman/Co-CEO

Terry Speth
Equipment Sales Specialist