Since 2002, much has transpired in our industry. Here are a few things to get this article started:

  • We have seen digital systems flourish and film systems decline. 
  • Film companies have moved into digital systems themselves to stay alive.
  • Most students were imaging guys and that is all they did. Now most are biomedical engineers that have taken on the added responsibility of maintaining imaging equipment.
  • The cycle of service moves from In-house to ISO to OEM and starts again. Not necessarily in that order but you get the picture.

Now while all this change is taking place it is always nice to have a solid rock upon which you can stand. RSTI is that rock! While all this and more is going on we have been the place to come for educating service engineers. That has not changed in 27 years. Here are a few reasons Why RSTI ?

  • RSTI is a neutral party - What exactly does that mean? That means we are beholden to no one but you, the customer.
  • RSTI is independently owned - Not by any Vendor, ISO, Hospital group, or anyone else that has any other reason to see you but to train you. Since we were formed in 1985 our mission has been multivendor multi-modality diagnostic imaging training.
  • Experience - We have a staff of 6 technical trainers that have years of training, field, and technical support experience behind them. Most are former military and all have a single focus when it comes to training, YOU! Ensuring that you have the tools, knowledge, confidence and ability to maintain and repair the equipment you come to training for.
  • Facility - RSTI constantly updates our inventory of equipment to reflect the field. As your needs change for service so do we.
  • The RSTI experience - It is a combination of instructors, support staff, curriculum and facility that ensure you will be provided with the best learning environment around. Join us for a class and see for yourself what the RSTI experience is.

Next time someone asks you where do want to go for training, we would like for you to choose us. If you are currently in the RSTI family, thank you, and we look forward to seeing you again in the future. If there is a need you have in the training arena let us know, perhaps we can help.