Course Outline

Introduction to Imaging, Radiation Safety and CDRH Compliance Testing


Principles of Servicing Diagnostic X-Ray Systems is a skills development program that teaches the new service professional the cognitive skills necessary to understand the X-ray system and its applications in the medical community. The program is divided into four major learning units:

  • Introduction to radiography
  • Radiation safety
  • Dosimetry
  • Compliance

The course contains lecture, demonstration, and hands-on training, which teach participants proper operation, radiation safety, image quality assessment, and global understanding of the Xray system.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to perform first level service on the radiographic system.


To attend this course, the professional must hold a position in the medical imaging field.


At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Have a thorough understanding of X-rays and X-ray production
  • Follow safety procedures for patients, physicians and individuals

Tuition: $1995

Course Length: 3 Days

CEU's Awarded: 8 CEU’s


  • Dec 14-18
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Course Outline

Day 1
  • Introduction to radiography
    • X-rays: an overview
      • A brief history
      • What they are
      • How they are produced
      • What they do
    • The radiographic system, an overview
    • The radiograph, an overview
    • Image receptor types
    • Measurements of beam quality and quantity
    • Half Value Layer
    • Operation of the overtable system
    • Operation of the undertable system
    • Patient positioning
Day 2
  • Radiation safety, principles and practices
    • Radiation and its biological effects
      • Atom
      • X-ray beam
      • Compton effect
      • Photoelectric effect
    • Radiation safety, working with radiation
      • Rules governing working with radiation
      • Time, distance, and shielding
      • Radiation protective devices
  • Lab Activities
    • Learn safety rules in working with radiation
Day 3
  • The production of X-rays
    • How X-rays are produced
      • Where X-rays are produced
      • How X-rays are controlled
      • Bremsstrahlung radiation theory
      • Characteristic radiation Theory
    • The X-ray tube
      • X-ray tube construction
      • Functions of basic elements
      • Electrical and mechanical requirements
      • Tube protection
  • Lab Activities
    • X-ray tube warmup
    • Radiographic overtable operation & CR operation
    • Diagnostic workstation operation
    • Noninvasive test equipment
  • CDRH Compliance
    • kV and mA Accuracy
    • Reproducability and Linearity
    • HVL
    • Time and mAs Accuracy
    • Fluoro Entrance Dose
  • System review
  • Final exam
  • Course evaluation
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