Course Outline

Servicing the GE Proteus (JEDI Generator)


The GE Proteus (JEDI Generator) course is a skills development course designed to provide the experienced service professional with the skills necessary to fully service and calibrate this control.


To attend this course, the service professional must have a good understanding of the principles gained through attending Phase II or two years equivalent experience in servicing RAD equipment. The service professional must also possess a good working knowledge of microprocessors and their associated support chips.


At the conclusion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate overall system performance
  • Troubleshoot mechanical and electronic problems on all components of the unit
  • Perform a complete and thorough preventive maintenance inspection on each unit
  • Follow circuit operations of system detail block diagrams

Tuition: $3995

Course Length: 1 Week

CEU's Awarded: 4 CEU’s


  • Oct 12-16
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Course Outline

Day 1
  • System Overview
    • JEDI Generator – 32, 45, 65 & 84kW
      • Modular design
        • Proteus
        • LightSpeed CT
        • R&F
    • Two Consoles
      • OPS/Remote
  • GE documentation
    • Operator’s manual
      • System features
      • System components
    • Pre-installation manual
    • Service manual
    • OTS suspension
      • Operator’s manual
      • Pre-installation
      • SVC
    • Schematics
  • System specifications
    • Table
    • Generator
    • Power
    • Collimator
    • Wall stand
    • X-Ray tube
Day 2
  • Installation
    • Quick start
    • System description
    • System console
    • Table components
    • OTS
    • Wall stand
    • Accessories
  • Lab Activities
    • Operational checks
    • Functional checks
    • Component ID
      • Generator
      • Table
      • OTS
Day 3
  • Generator theory
    • Block diagrams
    • Power distribution
    • Board function
      • kV Control
      • kV Function
      • mA Function
  • Lab Activities
    • JEDI software
    • System backups
    • Positioning & limits
    • Calibration
    • AEC
      • Calibration for film
      • Calibration for CR
    • Power Supplies
Day 4
  • Error codes
  • Schematics
  • Diagnostics
    • Access error log
    • Run Diagnostics
    • LED
  • Lab Activities
    • Service diagnostics
    • PM checks
    • Troubleshooting
Day 5
  • System review
  • Final exam
  • Course evaluation
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