Easily Enroll in Our X-Ray Certificate Series Training Courses Using Your GI Bill® Benefits

  1. Apply for your GI Bill Benefits online: https://benefits.va.gov/gibill/
  2. Email a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) and DD-214 to: registration@rsti-training.com
  3. Register for X-Ray training courses: rsti-training.com/register

It’s that easy! Tuition is paid directly to RSTI. You will receive a housing allowance (1/2 your monthly entitlement for each 2-week class) plus a stipend for books and fees.

During your attendance, you will be required to certify your enrollment in order for payments to be made. The process is explained at: https://benefits.va.gov/gibill/docs/isaksonroe/1010_ihl_process.pdf.

Approved for Veterans Training - RSTI X-Ray Certificate Program in Diagnostic Imaging X-Ray

Transition into a new field or advance your career with diagnostic imaging service training

Principles of Servicing Diagnostic X-Ray Systems (Phase 1)

Learn proper operation, radiation safety, and image quality assessment, gain a global understanding of the X-Ray system, and be able to perform first level service on the radiographic system.

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Principles of Servicing Diagnostic X-Ray Systems (Phase 2)

Understand how to identify and repair malfunctions of a radiographic system as well as perform preventive maintenance and compliance tests.

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Principles of Servicing Diagnostic X-Ray Systems (Phase 3)

Perform a complete system alignment and calibration while evaluating each sub-component for its specific modulation transfer function as well as troubleshoot all phases of the imaging system chain.system.

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Principles of Servicing Diagnostic X-Ray Systems (Phase 4)

Learn how to restore an X-ray imaging system to optimum performance after replacing the system glassware; this includes installation and calibration of the X-ray tube, the image intensifier, the photo multiplier tube, the TV camera tube, and CRT of the monitor.system.

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